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5 Tips to Help Tidy Up Before the Holidays…

Does anyone else feel like we tripped over summer and fell right into fall? While it seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the beach, I’m happy to be back in my favorite season. I love the colors of the trees, the coziness of sweaters, and sleeping without the air conditioner on. This is the perfect time to get motivated and get your house in order before the start of the holidays and endless entertaining. Getting organized upfront will take some of your stress away down the line.

I started Living Simple after we downsized to an apartment and I learned to only keep the items that I really use and/or need. Yes, this was hard, but very rewarding in the end, and I really don’t miss the items that I gave away (mostly!). There are so many people who still have their shower gifts in their original boxes and those same gifts are clearly not going to be used anytime soon, if ever. Not judging, but think of how much space all of that takes up that could be used for other things. See, getting organized does not mean you need to get rid of everything, it means finding space for the things that you actually use and love to have around.

Here are 5 simple areas that can easily be cleaned out before the holiday season begins…

  1. This may be an obvious one, but it bears repeating - If you haven’t worn something in the last 2 years, donate it - let someone else wear it. Bye bye blazer! Go through each drawer and item in your closet, and just by using this rule, you will reduce the size of your wardrobe by a third. This will give you more space to put your new clothes in!

  2. Your hall entrance area or mudroom can be tidied up easily. I know from experience that this is the smallest area but we expect it to hold a lot of things. Look through the coats, shoes, sports equipment. Go through and see what is not being used any more. This area especially will help you feel less stressed, if it is organized - a place for keys, the mail, coats/jackets that are actually being worn. This might even help to get you and your family out of the house more smoothly. Maybe there is a place for the sports equipment in the garage or basement. Baskets are helpful in this situation. A spot for hats & gloves and umbrellas can be created.

  3. Basement/attic or toy area. Children grow out of their toys pretty quickly. When they are not there, go through their toys and donate the ones they haven’t played with in a while. Or, make it a teaching moment and have them pick out some toys or games to donate to help other families less fortunate. Again, this will give you more room for their new holiday gifts.

  4. Your decorations can also be organized better. It is time to get rid of anything that is broken or you haven’t put out in a few years. Be sure to label all the boxes and keep them stored together. I also suggest using plastic bins in case of dampness or flooding. After the holiday, try to put everything away carefully, so it is easier next year when you take it out again.

  5. Last but not least, the kitchen. The heart of the home. Whether you cook or not, this room gets a lot of use. It is so much easier to put meals together when your cabinets or pantry is organized. This might take a little time, but you will be so happy in the end that you are not wasting time looking for something that is right there at your fingertips.

If you do this by yourself or you hire an organizer to assist, you will feel more in control and less stressed. We all know the next few months will be crazy busy, so take the time to help yourself now, so later you can enjoy being with family and friends. What I have learned from these past two years, is that nothing is more important, and that Living Simple, without clutter, can be the easier way. Check out our website at for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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