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I'll Have a Little Texture Please.

Picture this: you’re sitting in your recently updated living room or kitchen. You should be thrilled! You did the checklist:

  • hired an architect

  • looked at hundreds of magazine pictures. You have a “look” in your head

  • You matched your pillows to your sofa and to your window treatments

  • You have a beautiful new wood floor

And yet, here you are sitting in the finished room and it just doesn’t feel right. It’s missing something. You can’t put your finger on it, but I can, it is texture.

What is texture? Some people refer to this as the extra stuff. I like to think of this as the cherry on the top of the sundae that is your gorgeous new room. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this either. Most products that check the texture box are inexpensive. Think baskets, decorative bowls, pillows with a pop of color, strategic pots with plants, faux or real trees, window treatments, area rugs or runners, coffee table books, clocks, art, frames holding pictures of your favorite people or places - you can find all of this within a small budget. Vintage stores or flea markets have all this for a fraction of the cost. Buy things that make you happy.

How do you know who much to add? I always do this in layers. Introduce a little at a time. Try out different items on your coffee table. Move things around. You will know when it feels right.

Make sure you only add the things you love. Your home is your sanctuary and should feel like that the minute you walk in.

And, speaking of coffee tables… Lately, I have become fascinated with them. Not just the tables, but what is put on them. The definition of a coffee table is a low table, typically placed in front of a sofa. I believe that these tables are a personal reflection of you, and if it’s not, it should be. This is a sure fire way to add more texture to a room. My coffee table is a little crowded, but I like it that way. It holds coffee table books, a candle, a plant, and a large platter. The choices are endless. Someone once told me that if your coffee table is tidy, the rest of the room will look tidy as well. I am not sure about that when my children’s toys are scattered all around the floor, and the room still looks messy. But, yes, the coffee table looked good. If you have young children, make sure the items are sturdy and won’t break if it falls. Try putting the items on a tray - this is a quick way to remove everything from the table if children are around. Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. The one you pick should decide on the size of the room. These tables are also referred to as cocktail tables. I looked up what the difference is between the two and it is not because of what you are serving. A coffee table tends to be round and oval; more casual. A cocktail table is square or rectangular; more elegant. Who knew?! Mine is round, so definitely more casual.

Whatever your style is, don’t forget to sprinkle the texture throughout your home. This is what makes your home unique to you and your family, and what makes it a home. At Living Simple, we can guide you to adding the right amount of you to any room. To schedule a consultation, contact us at .

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