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Keep Calm and Jingle On!

For most people, the holidays can be the busiest time of year. There is just so much to do! Therefore, this is the best time to be organized. Santa's not the only one who should have a list. Keeping track of everything I need to buy, wrap, return, repeat is only possible when I write it down. Stress about all the things I need to remember evaporates because I know it's on the list!

Keep a schedule - choose to accomplish a few items from the list each day. Do not overwhelm yourself. Think of crossing something off the list as a little gift to yourself! The point of all of this is to free up time and headspace to actually enjoy the holidays! This time of year is not just for the children, but it is for everyone! It doesn't help anyone if you are stressed and tired from doing all the preparation.

Since Christmas is less than a week away, there is probably still lots to do, but try not to do it all by yourself - get your family to help. For example, have your kids put the return address labels on the holiday cards, have the children put away all their toys/stuff, (or there won't be space for Santa to bring anything new). Perhaps you have young adults who drive - give them the food shopping list. Children like to be part of the festivities, despite the face they may make when first asked. Use this time to enjoy your family and friends. Sit back and enjoy the kids who are home from college or the younger children who have a week off from school. I like to use this time to plan fun family activities, such as making cookies, have Gingerbread House building contests, or just watch movies together. Since my own children are a little older, I know how fast this time goes by. It is so important, today more than ever, to take stock, be grateful, and hold close the ones you love. There will be plenty of opportunities in the new year for anything you didn't get to in 2023. And, of course Living Simple will be here to help. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Healthy & Happy New Year!!

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