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I have a red door and I want to paint it black...

Paint is the sure fire way to update and get the biggest bang for your buck. It can freshen and update any look, and yet, picking out paint colors can be the scariest design choice for some. What people need to realize is that the wrong choice can always be fixed. If you don't like it, paint it again. Color has a lot of power - it can be the pop that pulls a whole room together, it can be soothing and it can also be fun. There are different textures and styles that can be done with paint as well. We all need a little color in our lives, even if it's only one wall, a small powder room, or even a ceiling. Don't be afraid to ask for help if this is something that stesses you. Many times having a second opinion is a good idea. At Living Simple, design is always at the forfront, and with paint, it is a simple fix.

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