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Time to Get Ready for Spring!

Updated: Mar 22

Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition that dates back hundreds of years ago.  It’s a practical exercise today, but even more so back then. As winter came to an end and indoor fires became unnecessary as the seasons warmed up, people needed to open up their windows and doors to air the chimney ash out of their homes. Today, we open our windows and are transformed by the first 60 degree day, thinking about starting the spring season with a sense of renewal, hope, and even happiness.  We have things to look forward to, sunshine on our face, and the relief of retiring that big winter coat. Yeah!  This feeling also gives us (at least some of us) the urge to get ready.  Ready for what, you may ask?  Well, this is up to you.

Of course, nothing happens easily.  You will have to put some work into it.  But, I promise the results will be amazing, and you will be ready for anything with these 3 easy steps: 

Step 1:  Declutter.  This is the perfect time to clean out your closets.  Let’s put away those sweaters and make room for the t-shirts and short sleeve outfits. If you’re like me, there are usually several items in my closet that didn’t see the light of day, and probably haven't in a few years.  Get a big bag ready for donating *.  This is a little time consuming, so give yourself a chunk of time to at least get through one closet or an entire bureau.  You will feel so good when you’re finished.  After each burst of closet clean out, give yourself a high five and agree there will be a next time.   Plan a time when you’re available to continue on to the next.  Go room by room, no need to overwhelm yourself.  Perhaps, clean out the kids' closets as well.  Children grow so fast, I am sure there is clothing that doesn’t fit anymore, that can be passed to the next one, or donated.  It is a great feeling when clothes are not stuffed in and you can actually see what you have.  Now you have room to buy more.   See, happy already!

Step 2:  Spruce up your bedroom.  This is your sanctuary.  When things are a little chaotic or noisy elsewhere in your home, go to your room. That statement which felt like a punishment as a kid, should feel like a reward as an adult. Take a breather and relish in a few seconds for yourself.  If your bedroom doesn’t have a relaxed aesthetic, this may not work.  My

suggestion is to start with new bedding.  This is the largest item in the room, so it will set the stage for everything else.  Then, make sure there is nothing hanging around - clothes put away, papers and books piled neatly. End tables and bureau have just a few decorative items on them.  Get rid of any clutter.  Don’t let the kids bring their toys in, this is your space.  Look at your windows.  Perhaps new window treatments will make a difference.  Make sure you open your blinds or whatever you have on them, and let the sunlight in! However you decide to style your room, make sure you take the time and the care to make it yours. Spring is a great time to brighten and refresh this room. You will be happy you did!  

Step 3:  Let’s look outside.  I am not suggesting you go full on landscaping, but a few pots strategically placed around your entrance can go a long way.  This is the time of year when all the stores are selling the pretty spring flowers that are so easy to plant and maintain.  I guarantee that it will brighten your mood every time you go through your door when there are lovely planters around.  Also, add a colorful pot with a small plant or herb to your kitchen. It will remind you that the season is changing and it is time to silence all the outside noise and appreciate what you have around you.

Once you have made a difference, however small it may be, you’ll want to do more.  You can’t help but feel empowered.  Lean in! Even though decluttering takes some time, it will help you feel organized and less stressed, with an added bonus of “you got this”!  And, you do!  Now you are ready to enjoy this next beautiful season.  If you need assistance with decluttering or refreshing your home, make an appointment with Living Simple at

* Clothing donation suggestions:  914Cares, The Sharing Shelf,  GreenDrop

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